RazorSQL Documentation

Common Support Questions: Answers to common support questions.

Current Change Log: A detailed listing of the changes included in RazorSQL releases.

Twitter: Follow RazorSQL on twitter to get RazorSQL news.

Installation: Installation instructions by operating system for RazorSQL.

Complete Feature Reference: Information on features of RazorSQL grouped by the menu in which the features are contained.

Getting Connected: Information on getting connected to databases including information on all of the built-in database connection support RazorSQL offers, getting connected via ODBC or JDBC manually, and getting connecting through the RazorSQL bridge options including how to connect to MySQL via PHP and to JDBC compliant databases via the RazorSQL JDBC Bridge.

Table Tools Information on all of the table / view tools offered by RazorSQL.

Stored Procedure / Function / Trigger Tools Information on tools for editing, creating, viewing, and executing stored procedures, stored functions, triggers, and Oracle packages and package bodies.

Data Tools Information on the export, import, and table/query compare tools.

SQL Tools Information on options for executing SQL such as single statement or batch mode, commit and rollback for transactions, and SQL explain plan.

Database Tools Information on the database navigator for viewing database objects and structures and the meta data viewer, and information on the create / drop database tools and create / drop user tools.

Command Line Interface Information on the command line interface.

Built-in Database Information on the built-in relational database that ships with RazorSQL.

Editor Tools Information on some of the numerous editor tools that ships with RazorSQL such as Find / Replace, Find / Replace in Files, bracket and tag matching, key ahead, auto column and auto table lookup, parameterized queries, auto function lookup, etc.

Plugin Guide Information on how to write plugins to extend the functionality of RazorSQL.

Preferences Information on all of the user editable preferences for RazorSQL.