RazorSQL How to Create Tables

Users can create tables with RazorSQL using the Create Table tool. The create table tool is available in the DB Tools -> Create menu, or via the create table toolbar icon.

The first step before creating tables is to get connected to a database. For more information on getting connected, see How to Get Connected.

Once the create table tool is launched, a screen will be displayed from which the user can select the database or schema in which to create the table and the name of the new database table. After entering this information and continuing, the main create table screen will display. Here, users can choose the names and data types for each of the columns that should be contained in the table, and other information such as primary keys, check constraints, etc. Users can add more columns to the table using the "Add Column" button, or remove columns from the table using the "Remove Column" button.

After entering all appropriate information, the user can have RazorSQL generate and execute the SQL Create Table statement to create the table.