Auto Table Lookup

The SQL editor provides auto table lookup. When the auto table lookup feature detects that the user has typed an SQL statement and is about to type a table, it will wait for the amount of time specified in the Auto Table Lookup Delay field in the preferences, and then make a call to get the tables or database/schema table combinations from the database depending on the information entered.

If the user types a schema followed by a period or a database followed by a period, the auto table lookup tool will attempt to find only tables for the particular database or schema. If the user does not type a schema or database, the auto table lookup tool will display all database/schema and table combinations, with the current database or schema grouped first at the top.

The default auto table lookup delay is around 1 second. To make it faster or slower, change the delay value in the preferences.

For faster performance, the auto table lookup tool provides the ability to cache table names in memory so that they can be retrieved more quickly. This option can be set via the preferences window.