Database Navigator

The database navigator allows users to browse database objects and structures such as tables, views, indexes, constraints, procedures, functions, etc. The objects available for browsing depend on the database. The databases that RazorSQL provides built-in support for generally show more object types in the database navigator.

RazorSQL provides three different levels of the database navigator. They are listed below. To change the type of database navigator, users can select the Connections -> Configure Navigator menu option.

RazorSQL System Navigator: This type of navigator is avaialable for certain databases such as DB2, Derby, Firebird, HSQLDB, Informix, Ingres, MySQL, Oracle, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, SQL Anywhere, and Sybase. This navigator provides information on many database objects. This navigator is usually enabled by default for the above databases for the more recent versions of those databases. This navigator type usually performs custom, database-specific queries to get information about database objects.

JDBC Navigator: This type of navigator gets all of its information from the JDBC or ODBC driver. This navigator typically provides less information than the RazorSQL System Navigator since JDBC/ODBC drivers only expose information about the more common object types such as tables, views, and procedures. This navigator is enabled by default on all non-built-in supported databases.

Custom Navigator: This type of navigator allows users to enter their own queries to populate the database navigator. See the Connections -> Configure Navigator menu option for more information on what queries to specify, and how to construct those queries using the variable types offered by the custom navigator.

Listed below are links to more information about the specific options for some of the database browsers offered by RazorSQL:

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