Oracle Error - Class oracle/sql/converter/CharacterConverters violates loader constraints.

The database being connected to may require charset support not provided in the base Oracle JDBC drivers.

RazorSQL versions 3.6 and later ship with additional charset support drivers for Oracle. Earlier versions of RazorSQL do not ship with these drivers, and as such, they need to be downloaded from Oracle's site.

Additional charset support is available in the orai18n.jar file for the Oracle 10g JDBC drivers (Previously charset support was available in nlscharset12.jar, but the orai18n.jar file should be used with 10g drivers). RazorSQL versions 3.5 and earlier ship with the base 10g driver, ojdbc14.jar, but do not ship with the jar files for additional charset support. As a side note, the Oracle 10g drivers are compatible with Oracle 9i.

The orai18n.jar file can be downloaded from the oracle site. Here are some links:

Once on this page, click the "Oracle Database 10g Release 2 . . . drivers" link.

After accepting the license agreement, you will be brought to a page with a list of drivers for download. Download the orai18n.jar file.

NOTE: You will need to sign in to Oracle to download the file. Registration is free if you do not already have an id.

At this point, you can set up a JDBC connection to Oracle via RazorSQL that references both the ojdbc14.jar file and the orai18n.jar file. This can be done by going to the Connections -Add Connection Profile, selecting "Oracle" as the database type, selecting "JDBC" as the connection type, entering the profile name, the location of the jar files separated by semi-colons, for example:


the driver class: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver

your user name and password and your JDBC URL