Snowflake SQL Editor and Database Query Tool Features

RazorSQL includes support for the Snowflake database. RazorSQL includes tools such as an SQL editor for writing and executing SQL queries, a Snowflake database browser for browsing Snowflake tables and views, and Snowflake export and import tools. For information on getting connected to Snowflake from RazorSQL, see the following page: Getting Connected to Snowflake

Snowflake Database Browser Snowflake Database Browser

Browse Snowflake database objects such as tables, views, and columns. Expand tables to see column lists. Describe Snowflake tables to see table structures. Search tables for data. Import and export data.

Snowflake SQL Editor Snowflake SQL Editor

The Snowflake SQL editor allows users to write and execute queries against Snowflake tables and views. The editor includes features such as auto column and table lookup, synax highlighting, many coding features such as key ahead, code snippets, macros, and more. It supports many programming languages in addition to SQL including HTML, XML, Java, PHP, and many more.

Snowflake Export Tool Snowflake Export Tool

The Snowflake export tool allows users to export data in various formats such as delimited files, Excel spreadsheets (XLS and XLSX), text, HTML, XML, and SQL insert statements.

Below is a screen shot of the RazorSQL Snowflake GUI Tool

Snowflake GUI Tool