PostgreSQL Database Backup Tool

RazorSQL includes a PostgreSQL Database Backup Tool for backing up database structures and data. RazorSQL also includes a table backup tool for backing up single table structures and data for PostgreSQL.

The PostgreSQL database backup tool works by generating all data definition language (DDL) statements for the PostgreSQL schema objects selected by the user. It also generates SQL insert statements for all table data in the schema. The DDL and SQL insert statements are written out to a backup file.

The PostgreSQL database backup tool allows users to select the objects to backup such as tables, views, indexes, functions, and triggers, the character encoding of the backup file, the SQL statement separator to use when generating the backup file, and whether to fully qualify object names in the generated SQL and DDL statements.

The database backup tool writes out all data in character format, and as such, may not be acceptable for backing up tables that contain binary data.

Below are screen shots of the main selection pages for the PostgreSQL database backup tool and the PostgreSQL single table backup tool.


PostgreSQL Database Backup Tool

PostgreSQL Table Backup Tool