MySQL Database Management Tool

RazorSQL is a database management tool, SQL editor, and database browser and supports over 40 databases. RazorSQL provides a MySQL Database Management Tool. Below is a list of some of the MySQL database management features provided by RazorSQL.

  • A MySQL Create Table Tool
  • A MySQL Alter Table Tool
  • A MySQL Create Index Tool
  • A MySQL Create View Tool
  • A MySQL Create User Tool
  • A Grant Statement Generator for MySQL
  • A MySQL Create Database Tool
  • Tools for dropping MySQL objects such as tables, views, indexes, procedures, functions, and triggers
  • MySQL DDL Generation tools for generating the DDL used to create existing database objects
  • MySQL Import and Export Tools
  • Backup Tools for backing up tables and/or databases
  • A MySQL Database Conversion Tool for converting to/from MySQL for databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server, DB2, and SQLite
  • A MySQL Database Browser
  • A MySQL SQL Editor

Below are screen shots for some of the MySQL database management tools provided by RazorSQL.

The MySQL Database Browser

MySQL Database Browser

The MySQL SQL Editor

MySQL SQL Editor

The MySQL Create User Tool

MySQL Create User

The MySQL Alter Table Tool

MySQL Alter Table

The MySQL Create Database Tool

MySQL Create Database