Amazon Keyspaces Database Client GUI and Query Tool

RazorSQL provides tools for connecting, querying, editing, modifying, and browsing Cassandra databases. RazorSQL adds custom Amazon AWS Keyspaces support to its suite of Cassandra tools. RazorSQL will automatically enable SSL encryption for Keyspaces connections, and will set the appropriate Consistency level on the Keyspaces connection to allow for inserts / updates.

RazorSQL provides the following tools for working with Keyspaces / Cassandra:

  • A Keyspaces / Cassandra SQL Editor that supports SQL select, insert, update, and delete statements. It also provides auto column lookup, auto table lookup, and support for many programming languages such as SQL, PHP, HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, and more.

  • A Keyspaces / Cassandra Database Browser that lets users browse schemas, tables, materialized views, columns, and key information.

  • A Keyspaces / Cassandra Export Tool that generates data exports in the following formats: Delimited Files, Excel Spreadsheets, SQL insert statements, HTML, XML, and text.

  • A Keyspaces / Cassandra Import Tool that provides the ability to import data from Excel spreadsheets, delimited files, fixed-width files, and files of SQL statements.

  • A Keyspaces / Cassandra table editor that allows users to insert / edit / delete Keyspaces data in a spreadsheet like tool.

  • A Keyspaces / Cassandra backup tool for backing up single or multiple tables.

Below is a screen shot of the RazorSQL Cassandra Database Client:

Cassandra Database Client